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The supplement point of face and hat

  At ordinary times we will pay attention to in the choice of hats to choose collocation with their own face best hat, people of different face shapes suitable hat is different also, so you know what the face of people is suitable for what kind of hat you wear, when choosing hats what their face and hat relationship?
  Oval faces, long hair, in most of the hat style is ok, beret, surrounded by a along pretty good also, have adornment, hair long reason not to wear ear warm skull long hat is very good also. Suggest you actually try to buy the same style on the difference is very big still.
  If it is a long face, basic hats what won't ugly, and truck cap will be fashionable in style. Duckbill cap is more have temperament, but should not be wearing a sun hat. Is the round circle.
  Is egg, fat face, square, and the font. Fat face if dome cap will face big, small cap, if choose wide cap is more appropriate. Egg shape face man wearing a cap Appear on the face more large under small, more see thin. Selects the dome cap is more appropriate. A square face and face the word people choose hat is relatively easy. Neck short people don't choose colorful hat. Eyebrow qing qing, gentle and graceful figure of a person can choose the color more colourful or romantic color hat.
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