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How to distinguish the tie-dyed cloth and render cloth?

  Tie-dyed cloth is quite a long history of development, if you through the BC you can see the process, so nothing to dye cloth? Since called tie-dye Just as its name implies is in cloth dyeing According to the design requirements in different parts of the thread tightly, then loosen the tie wire So that we can get very natural demitint decorative pattern, the earliest only two kinds of blue and white Now has developed into five kinds of color, colorful Very good,
  Hat making tie-dye generally depends on the three basic steps: pretreatment, strapping dyeing, dyeing post-processing
  To dye in order to ensure the production process of dyed evenly balanced, necessary for fabric dyed a pretreatment process. This is because the hat material fabric have sizing agent, additives and ingredients of natural impurities. So in order to not affected by these things, or remove these impurities. Dyeing pretreatment is not without or lack of procedure.
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